Irakli Bugiani

Bugiani’s work centers around abstract paintings that showcase his artistic prowess and unique vision. He uses rough, expressive brushstrokes to create a world that exists in the realm of the intangible, where dreams and danger coexist, offering a thought-provoking experience for the viewer. Through his artistic process, Bugiani intentionally fragments different work processes to create collage-like structures that take the viewer on a meditative journey, enabling them to explore new dimensions and realities. His paintings showcase the struggle between the natural landscape and the man-made world, offering a fresh and unique perspective on our perception of the world.


Born in 1980, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

2007-2010 Master of Arts in Art History, Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf
2001-2006 Diploma degree in Painting and Graphics, State Academy Of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe/Germany
2004 Study of Art and Painting, Erasmus exchange program, Ecole des beaux arts, Rouen/France
1998-2001 Study of Art and Painting, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Tbilisi

Solo Exhibitions
2022 Vision Seeker, Gallery Artbeat, Tbilisi
2018 Nowhere to Run, Gallery Artbeat, Tbilisi
2017 Blue Tunnel, Installation project at Moving Gallery by Gallery Artbeat , Telavi+Tbilisi
2016 To See a World in a Grain of Sand, GNM/Georgian National Gallery, Tbilisi
2014 191°S // Irakli Bugiani, Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf
2012 Post Coitum Omne Animal Triste Est, Damenundherren, Düsseldorf
2011 Zwischen Gestern und Morgen, Gallery 10, Karlsruhe
2008 Beyond Memory, Gallery Bourgeois Pig, Heidelberg/Germany
2008 Abandoned, Gallery AZ, Zagreb/Croatia

Group Exhibitions
2022 Gates to the Garden, ES365, Düsseldorf
2022 Pale Blue Dot, ES365, Düsseldorf
2020 Almost There, A digital exhibition with artworks from the British Council Collection
2019 Willkommen in Recklinghausen, Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, Recklinghausen/Germany
2017 Beijing International Art Biennale, China
2016 Kavaleridze Museum, Kiev/Ukraine
2015 191°S at WELTKUNSTZIMMER, Hans Peter Zimmer Foundation, Düsseldorf
2015 Heritage, RICHMIX Arts Centre, London/UK
2014 Crossing the boundaries, AT388, Rotterdam/Netherlands
2013 Spotlights on Contemporary Art from Georgia, Tour & Taxis, Brussels/Belgium
2013 Art Award – Junger Westen, Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, Recklinghausen
2013 Heritage, Museum of Fine Arts, Tbilisi
2011 Dieses Schreiben wurde maschinell erstellt, Glashaus, Düsseldorf
2010 Nähe Gegen Neun, d 52, Düsseldorf
2009 Back From, Atelier Am Eck, Düsseldorf
2009 The Big Show, Gallery Bourgeois Pig, Heidelberg, Germany
2008 New Generation, Chardin Gallery, Tbilisi
2007 Gallery 10, Karlsruhe
2006 OWart International, State Museum, Buchen/Germany
2006 The Losts, Gallery Universe, Tbilisi
2005 Figurative Art Studio – Expo II, Gallery Universe, Tbilisi
2004 150 Year Anniversary Exhibition, State Academy Of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe
2004 Figurative Art Studio – Expo I, Gallery Universe, Tbilisi
2002 Gallery 10, Karlsruhe
2002 Gallery CultiG7, Mannheim

Art Fairs
2023 NADA Miami, U.S.A.
2021 Art Dubai, UAE
2019 Art Dubai, UAE
2018 Artinternational, Istanbul
2017 Artinternational, Istanbul
2016 Kyiv Art Week, ArtHall D12, Kiev
2016 CI Contemporary Istanbul/Turkey
2015 START Art Fair, London
2015 CI Contemporary Istanbul
2015 Artinternational, Istanbul
2014 CI Contemporary Istanbul
2013 Berliner Liste, Berlin/Germany
2009 Tease Art Fair, Cologne/Germany

2021 Neustart Kultur, Project grant from the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
2020 Auf geht’s!, Project/Research grant from the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia
2009 Award of Gallery plan.d, Duesseldorf
2008 Residency grant of City of Duesseldorf, Zagreb/Croatia
2007 Award of the OWart Art Fair, Buchen/Germany
2005 Award of the Impulse International Art Fair, Osnabrueck/Germany
2004 Award of Portrait, University of Freiburg, Germany